I'm not one for New Year's resolutions, really, important life decisions rarely line up neatly with New Year's Eve, and making resolutions just for the sake of making resolutions seems pointless to me. I have something in the nature of a resolution for 2009, though, and that is to wear more colour this year. I never thought I would say this, but I am actually a little bored with solid black. I'm not going to throw anything out, and I will certainly wear a lot of solid black anyway, out of sheer laziness if nothing else, but I will try to add more accent colours, building on the ones I already have in my wardrobe, and try out new ones as well.

I definitely need more red and white to go with my fly agaric shoes - they don't look great with an all black outfit, but black with white polkadots is fine. I bought these shoes during the first heatwave of the summer a year and a half ago, mostly because I desperately needed an inexpensive pair of cool summer shoes and couldn't find a decent-looking black pair I could afford, but I really like them and wear them a lot. They get a lot of positive attention, which is fun too.

I'm thinking of getting or making a matching fly agaric purse too, I think it would be too much in a rather good way - I like overmatching my outfits, I'm not interested in looking like I closed my eyes and grabbed five garments at random. A fly agaric bag might help me get away with wearing a somewhat monochrome outfit with the shoes, too.

More hot pink and greens are also on the list, as well as (much) more grey and white. Possibly baby blue and brown, too, but I'm less sure about that.
I just won an auction for these babies:

British Red Cross Society, bakelite or some other early plastic. So pretty! No idea what I am going to do with them yet, but I'll think of something. They are large, 3 cm, so maybe a jacket or something? If there were more I'd love to put them on a short-sleeved shirtwaist or something similar, but six is an awkward number for projects like that - I would have to choose between having shoulder straps or having it buttoned all the way up, even if I did a front button closure from the waist up.
Maybe with a notched collar, though... That way I could possibly get away with just three front buttons, since they are so large, two for shoulder straps and one for a pocket flap or something.

I have a decided preference for plastic military and civil uniform buttons - I don't like flashy brass buttons much, and while silver tone buttons work if the design is interesting I usually prefer the plastic and glass ones. The classic Soviet brass buttons with the hammer and sickle in a five-point star are nice, sure, but I like the subdued plastic version below better:

Hotness, I must get hold of some. There are gorgeous white plastic and glass uniform buttons too, usually for various navy uniforms - the white glass German Kriegsmarine ones are to die for. Perhaps a white navy-inspired dress is in order?



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