...this one does look like a lot of fun.

Excerpt from Rameau's comedy Platée, La Folie brilliantly (and funnily) sung by Mireille Delunsch, conducted by Marc Minkowski, and what a job he's doing - gotta love the interaction between conductor and singers. Lots of clips from this performance available on YouTube!

Oh, and my British Red Cross Society buttons arrived today - that was fast! They seem to be vulcanite, I did some testing. They are also big, every bit of the 3 cm they were described as - a good cm larger than my American Red Buttons, very substantial. There's some lovely, fine striation on the background and on the cross, too. I love buying buttons like these off Ebay and online, they almost always exceed expectations, as there is so much fine detailing on old uniform buttons that doesn't show up in photographs, and they tend to look much more plasticky in photos than they are in person. I am so happy with them!



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