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( Jan. 19th, 2009 04:52 pm)
My grandmother wants all of her old photo albums scanned, so I will probably post a few old family photos here - there are great clothes in some of them. We haven't really got started properly yet, but I took the opportunity to have this photograph of my grandfather and my mother on his Matchless motorbike scanned - I think it is some version of the Matchless G3, but that's just a guess based on pictures and the fact that it was developed for military service. Grandpa is in his uniform, obviously, but the bike might be his private property, I suppose - as I remember it, he was in the cavalry, and I have a couple of photos of him on horseback with one of the Finnish refugee children who stayed with grandma and grandpa during the war, too. Must ask mom.
I don't have an exact date, but my mother was born in 1946, so -48 or -49, perhaps?

Great boots and motorcycle goggles. In other photos of grandfather and other guys in his regiment they are wearing jodhpurs with the M/39 furlough uniform, but these look almost like some kind of shorts - trick of the light, perhaps. The jacket has got to be the usual M/39 field tunic.

Grandpa died when I was twelve, and I don't remember him very well. He is one of those people who lives in other people's memories, though - he and my mother were very close, and he seems to have been something of a character. I'm often told anecdotes about him by my mother and grandmother, family friends and people in Kesudalen, where he is still present in many ways.



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