I am drunk. A is drunker, though, and although I'm pretty sure that's not the correct comparative form of drunk, I can't be bothered to look it up. Götterdämmerung was fantastic, anyway - having seen it I understand why it seems to be the one of the four days of the Ring des Nibelungen cycle that people go to as a stand-alone performance, besides Die Walküre. Almost six hours that definitely did not feel like six hours, and now I'm a little sad that we're done with it. I will miss my bi-weekly dose of Wagner. Must see if there are any tickets to be had for Die Walküre later this spring.

Then I went to Tech Noir, and because I haven't been to a proper Tech Noir since May last year I was a little shocked by how, well, Tech Noir it was - I'd forgotten some of it (how young and nearly naked people are, mostly). Met D, who is a very old and very good friend, made a bit of a tactical mistake when he said that he wasn't drunk enough for Tech Noir and I admitted that I wasn't either. Turned out D had access to free champagne, somehow, and, well, yes. I turned the buzz to good account by arranging a couple of coffee outings with people I like but don't see enough of, complimenting this insanely sexy girl I've been seeing about in the scene, undoing most of the shirt buttons on an old ex-lover and groping a. a couple of boys who are just barely two-thirds of my age, and b. a somewhat older friend who works out a lot. I'm always handsy with him, though, so no matter. Am fully convinced I'll be wearing animal prints in my 50's.

I think I may want to erase this tomorrow, but tonight I'm in a generous mood. Hope you lovely people have had a great Saturday night!

And [livejournal.com profile] tsores , Ville hälsar!
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( Feb. 1st, 2009 07:03 pm)
Much to my surprise I feel just fine today, took a long walk with a friend and had coffee afterwards. She wants some help with a flamingo costume for the local burlesque club in a couple of weeks, so I came up with a suggestion or two, and hopefully I will get to play around with pink tulle and feathers in the next week or two, maybe make a beak too - that would be fun.

Isn't animals a dull theme, though? I'm sure there will be hundreds of pussycat and bunny costumes, and maybe one or two really clever and funny animal costumes, like E's shrimp suit. Not at all tempted to go with the theme myself, I think I'll try to flesh out the Carmen Miranda turban a little instead. I would love to get hold of a taxidermied bird for it, but I might try to make a bird wing myself.

We didn't take any pictures of the green shirt yesterday night, unfortunately - A was in no shape to hold a camera. I'll try to amend that as soon as possible. It turned out allright, I'm always displeased with something, but it looks pretty good.


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