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( Feb. 9th, 2009 10:46 pm)
Turning over bacon strips in a hot frying pan with your fingers is not a great idea, apparently. Will endeavor not to do that again. I have no respect for heat at all, after countless iron burns - I'm a klutz and I have a bad habit of putting down the iron with the hot side away from me, going over to the other side of the ironing board to get a better hold on something and then picking up the iron with the hot side against me, which results in a horizontal burn across the inside of my right wrist at fairly regular intervals. Trying to explain those to people without seeming like a closet self-harmer is always fun.
At the moment I'm sporting one on my belly, too, after ironing the shirt I was planning on wearing in my underwear. I am glad I don't need to explain that one to anybody.

11 year anniversary of Dieter's Synthbar in Bröderna Olsson's basement, last Wednesday. That Neon Judgement collection wasn't played while I was there, though, which is a shame - I'm finally getting over the horrendous gig they did in Gothenburg a couple of years ago enough to enjoy them again.


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