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( Feb. 21st, 2009 09:31 pm)
Alexander Bard (of Army of Lovers, Vacuum and Bodies Without Organs fame) can always be counted on to deliver the entertainment - spacey silver satin overalls with outlandish shoulder pads, accessorized with riding boots, helmet and crop in this year's outtakes. And a big, red beard.
The chances of him, Marina Schiptjenko and the blond Adonis who sings in BWO being allowed to represent Sweden in Moscow are slim to none, though, we will end up sending someone safe and boring as usual. Who won't win, of course, because safe and boring doesn't cut it anymore - you need a performance that people still remember after having watched 30 songs in a row, like a former Kiss cover band with monster masks, or a matronly Ukrainian tranny with half a Christmas tree on her head, plus one hell of a hook. I know Verka Serduchka didn't win, but I rather think she should have - if anyone but a Serbian lesbian in a suit had beat Serduchka, I would have been bitter.

Yup, Telex represented Belgium with this ditty in 1980. I love Telex and it's supremely funny, but the song is not one of their best. Moscow Disco (just the song this time, the extended 12" version) remains one of the best songs of the 20th century, though, as influential as Blue Monday and Los Niños del Parque. Plus, there are trains in it! I never get tired of it.



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