Kropp were far better than I expected, actually - the singer's voice held and carried, he sounded better live than he does in the recordings, which was a nice surprise. Hatam was packed with people and there was a lot of enthusiastic pushing and shoving in front of the stage, even more than usual. I had a lot of fun, and experienced another one of those moments when I realize how much I love this scene and these people - long story short, Kropp's big hit is the song there's a live clip from below, Vad Ska Du Ha På Dig Ikväll? which has lyrics that are practically viral, they stick to your brain like glue. For the last couple of weeks we have been continuously working little bits of the refrain into our everyday conversations. It is complete nonsense - literally, what are you going to wear tonight? Knife, or wine? Red lips, or knife? - and that's pretty much it. It just rolls off the tongue so well, somehow.

So the place was full of sweet little boys with undercuts and neat side parts wearing their usual shirts, braces, army pants and uniform tunics plus bright red lipstick yesterday. An acquaintance told me that one or two of them were wearing fake knives on them as well - not real knives, of course, someone might get hurt! - and I don't know about the wine, but I wouldn't be surprised. See why I love this scene so much? There will be no bitching about scene politics and better-than-though attitudes from me, I'm looking firmly on the bright sides.



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