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( Mar. 16th, 2009 11:51 pm)
New uniforms at SL, Stockholms public transport company. Still just trial versions, but they look rather nice, more classic than many other similar civil uniforms - tailored garments with metal buttons instead of poplin jackets and baseball caps, even if the cut is predictably modern and boring.

A and I made a couple of expeditions last week, to a goodwill store in one of the southern suburbs, where I found, but ended up not buying a vintage SL leather uniform jacket. I have no idea what this particular kind of leather jacket is called in English, if a specific term even exists, but the Swedish word is bryggarfrack, which literally means brewer's tailcoat and hints at the origin. It's an old worker's garment, usually made of goatskin with a wool lining, collarless, about hip length and with a straight, loose cut, sometimes with a half belt. This one was in practically unused condition, in black goatskin with silvertone SL buttons, and of course it was way too small for A, and way too large for me. It was 50% off, so for a moment or two I considered buying it just because it was such a great piece and I wanted the buttons. But I try not to collect items I can't wear, and buying it for the buttons would have been a. a sad waste of a great vintage uniform garment, and b. some seriously expensive buttons. I hope someone who will appreciate it properly buys it and gives it a good home.

I have no idea why they posed these three handsome fellows with Stockholm in the background like this, but it's a great photo.

We also went to Spårvägsmuseet, the Stockholm Transport Museum, which is currently showing a uniform exhibition, and saw a slightly earlier (1920's) version of the bryggarfrack mentioned above, with the old SS buttons - SL was called Stockholms Spårvägar until an official name change in 1967. Buttons, insignia and the like were changed from SS to SL earlier than that, though. I can't find a date, but 1950's or even earlier - I'm as sure as I can be without access to hard facts that the 1950's uniforms, and possibly earlier ones too, bore the SL logo. I'll have to ask about that the next time I go there - it's a great museum, especially for railroad and transport geeks, and the uniform exhibition has some gorgeous garments and photos on display. There's a supporting organization of some sort, I think I will join that.



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