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( Mar. 19th, 2009 12:36 am)
I picked up a collection of G K Chesterton poems on the book sale yesterday, Poems For All Purposes. I like Chesterton, and it should make better commuter reading than Neal Stephenson's The Diamond Age (great book, but it demands more concentrated reading than ten minutes here and there, I keep losing the thread), the Gormenghast trilogy (same problem, and I'm a bit reluctant to start on the third book after the ending of the second one) and Gunilla Linn Persson's Vännen (one of my favourite books, but it makes me want to cry = awkward on the subway), all of which I have been toting around at intervals for the last six months or so. Chesterton makes me happy, and it has some of his drawings in it - he was a very talented illustrator as well.

There's a birthday party out in the wilds of Mölnbo this weekend. I'm going to try to do pincurls, if my hair doesn't put up too much of a fight. They will probably not turn out well (or at all - so far I have failed to get them properly dry every single time I've tried), but I need some practise. Besides, the worst case scenario is merely that I give up and put my hair up in the usual, boring way.

The snow is mostly gone again. We are planning on having waffles in the garden this weekend. There's a tradition in Sweden of eating waffles on Lady Day - for the best of reasons, muddled pronunciation of the word Lady Day, Vårfrudagen, resulting in Våffeldagen = Waffle Day, and who doesn't want an excuse to eat waffles? We usually do it whenever the weather feels mild and spring-like enough to have coffee outside bundled up in winter clothes and blankets, though.
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( Mar. 19th, 2009 09:10 pm)
Dad called. It was just a blood vessel or scar tissue, still no sign of more cancer. Very relieved.


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