From Saturday's gig, with good sound quality.

Also, photos are beginning to show up - here's a peek at that Red Army-inspired dress + cap I made for an acquaintance last fall, at long last:

We couldn't resist grabbing the guy in the middle for a couple of photos when he happened to be passing, some British guy who shows up at big events sometimes. I loved both his outfits for the festival. Great attention to detail, what with the make-up and everything.

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That uniform outfit is gorgeous!! Well, both of your outfits are, but I LOVE the chest cut-out detail of the green dress.

Out of interest how much, roughly, is a custom outfit? I'd dearly love to get a piece from you one day and it would be cool to start having an idea of how much to save up in readiness (if you take on custom projects, of course). I'd probably be after a top/jacket and mini-skirt military inspired combo, and a cap.

I truly always love your creations, and I think it would be fun to have an outfit off you to wear either when I'm in a vintage military mood or doing my old school goth look :)

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Thank you! I'm pleased with that one myself, especially fond of the red lining that peeks out here and there.

Depending on details, cut and the like, somewhere in the region of 3000 SEK, which translates to just under 250 pounds today, although I'd have to think about adjusting the price downwards as I probably wouldn't be able to do fittings..

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I agree, the red lining detailing is stunning!

That is an exceptionally good price for an outfit of such quality. I'll start putting aside some money and aim to commission an outfit off you as soon as I can. I can imagine it would be easy to 'goth it up' with arm bands, patches and fishnet too for those occassions when I want to wear it to goth/deathrock events.

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Oh, absolutely, especially if you're going for separates. Looking forward to that. :)

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That green dress looks awesome! I really like the button-down collar/neckline detail (will not mention boobs!) and how the hat is a different style than the one you're wearing.

You, of course, look stunning as well! And that goggles guy is AWESOME.

I am starting work on a steampunk leather corset, it's going to be mildly aviator-inspired so we'll see how it turns out! I'll post pics when I get to it.

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Heh, that cut is very boobalicious - I think it's downright scary on me, a bit too much of a good thing. E here wears it better.

Isn't he? He was nice, too, though when he offered to be my "spare tire" I pretty much ran for it. I'm not entirely sure, but I think he wore two different, but similar outfits - something in green camouflage pattern on the Friday, and this one on the Saturday.

Sounds like a great idea, I'm looking forward to it! I always admire your work, compliments from you mean a lot.

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You guys are one short of the most industrial tank crew ever...or bang on, if you drive a Japanese or Russian tank with one of them newfangled autoloaders...

That dust-stained face with the goggle-shaped cutout is a detail I never would have thought of. Wicked outfits all around, dear.

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Aren't we just? That guy and his outfits makes me want to experiment with something more scruffy-looking than my usual stuff, he really works it.


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