How gloriously kitschy is this on, say, a scale of 1 to 10? There's a skull with what seems to be crossed stick grenades, an imperial crown over a shield with a big, gaudy K and it says Sturmtrupp. Supposedly Austro-Hungarian, WWI, probably pewter or pot metal. I won the auction yesterday, will post better photos when I have it.


From: [identity profile]

I am digging that a whole lot. It doesn't have rhinestones on it, which would make it a 9 or a 10, but it does have a K, skulls and explosives, so maybe a 72/ - 8?

Still totally awesome.

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Men are so afraid of rhinestones. I love it when men wear rhinestones, but they still have a long way to go, it seems.

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My friend Mario has a nice rhinestone skull belt buckle.
Of course he is also a drag queen, so perhaps it should be 'straight men are afraid of rhinestones.'

Still love the badge.

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I have given A a couple of sparkly things, and he actually wears them on occasion, sometimes when I'm not around, so probably not only to gratify me. He has never claimed to be completely straight, though.

It's a great badge. I was looking for a cheap Totenkopf knockoff, but this is much better.

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Needs more obnoxious shiny gold and leopard print backgrounds to reach maximum tacky, but I'm still gonna rate it an 8 on the Glorious Kitsch scale :D!

Do waaaaant :D!

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Same badge, but in yellow metal (, perhaps? You clearly need one with a K on it, too. :)

From: [identity profile]

Oh lawd, will see how finances look over the next week or so, but I think I may have to buy it. It's

From: [identity profile]

It is, rather! Would look good on one or other of the Sex nazi outfits.

From: [identity profile]

Lookee what I found

There seems to have been near-endless variations of these unofficial unit-level badges, although skulls and hand grenades predominate. Great find. Might actually have some historical value, is there a battalion number or any other distinguishing marks on it?

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Re: Lookee what I found

That was a great resource, thank you! No marks that I can see in the pictures, at least, I'll have a closer look when it arrives. I thought it was a little too good to pass up.


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