So, earrings for the Carmen Miranda turban. Nothing special, really, just artificial cherries, bones, odds and ends thrown together, hopefully they will add something to the outfit. I might add some feathers too.
Local burlesque club first, apparently I'm becoming the go-to person when they want someone to make instant crazy costumes from garbage bags, newspapers and gaffer tape, which is loads of fun and gives me a good opportunity to air the turban. Then on to the Jäger 90 and/or Spetsnaz gigs at Bodytåget, maybe.

We are having great weather, as you can see, which is nice in itself but less than great for taking photographs.

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A talented person can make a excellent costume from the .99 cent store. Its non talented people who have to spend lots of money to look good. :)

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I got critisized for showing up at a fashion show in black T-shirt and military pants, I repsonded by saing "I don't need creativity to flowinto me to get noticed, I have enough of it flowing out me" (take that asshole LOL)


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