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([personal profile] pimpinett May. 3rd, 2009 10:05 pm)
Not a great weekend, this one, lots of exhausting real life bullshit and worries going on, so after wrapping one of the Hootchy Kootchy Hussies up in white plastic bags, paper napkins, torn-up paper plates and white gaffer tape I was more or less finished. I couldn't/wouldn't throw in the towel for the night, though, so I drank coffee and tried to keep up until about half past one, when I went home. Pity about the Jäger 90 gig, which was really good, I would have liked to be able to enjoy that more than I did. But at least the costume turned out well, I had fun with it and it was very nice to get to talk to some of the Hootchy Kootchy people.

Still very tired and rather cranky. I think there may be photos of the instant costumes showing up sooner or later, but I rather hope there are none of me.
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