Excerpt from this excellent Perfume Shrine post on the EU restrictions on oakmoss and other ingredients in perfumery:

On what concerns Mitsouko in particular Mme Sylvaine Delacourte (artistic director for Guerlain) had the good grace to provide a quote regarding the reformulation of Mitsouko with only tree moss, setting things straight (and I translate):
"Our house has honoured two values for decades: Tradition and Modernity. Tradition denotes the quality of olfactive construction of each of our perfumes with savoir-faire and heritage. Modernity denotes the scrupulous and rigorous respect of the European regulations in the constant concern for our clients. Mitsouko has benefited in 2006 from the most recent olfactory innovations which respect our heritage while at the same time repressing the incomfort tied to certain raw materials. Therefore current Mitsouko responds to the European directives".
This means that the current version is not about to change drastically in response to the new restrictions. In other words, no need to try to stock up. Good!


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