Early birthday present! My inner railfan has been quietly squeeing with geeky joy all night. Exclamation marks! So pretty!

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( Apr. 9th, 2009 11:05 am)
Right, and I brought these home from Lisbon.

Much better than souvenirs, and will last longer than the two bottles of port I also bought. I'm thinking of a summer jacket in red cotton. The question is, would a sailor collar be completely over-the-top in a good way or a bad way? They so easily come off as a little childish, and that is not the effect I'm after.

Tonight I'm going to a party, for once - the invitation promises the blood of Christ plus small pieces of the body of Christ after seven o'clock tonight, and might just be the most sacrilegious document in my inbox so far. Good company, too. It'll be fun.

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( Feb. 26th, 2009 10:31 pm)
Went on a shopping spree yesterday, brought home a pair of vintage felted wool spats, six lovely Art Deco glass buttons and some odds and ends that are probably of even less interest to anyone but me. H&M sells coral seamed hose at the moment, as well as black, taupe and some off-white and champagne shades. Could not resist the sheer absurdity of the "yellowish pink" shade, so now I can match my lipstick to my seamed stockings - how awesome is that?

Size 46, whatever that means in spat sizes - probably the shoe size. Need some modifications to fit well over heels, but that shouldn't be a problem, and unlike both pairs of military spats and gaiters A owns these fit snugly around my ankles. I think the zippers are a very nice touch.

Yes, the colour is variable - some of them are browner, some greyer. The overall impression is taupe in person. I have no idea what to do with them, but they were marked down 50% in one of those honestly rather awful trendy vintage stores, along with the spats, so I couldn't resist. So pretty - a blouse or something, maybe?
This version will work better with the size of the buttons, and gives me the chance of using some grey leather I have been wanting to use for a while. Separates are so much more versatile than a dress, too.

Very similar to the corset with the American Red Cross buttons, yes. This one will have a high, princess-seamed back, though, and obviously shoulder straps. I'm thinking of doing something along these lines with the back of the skirt, but I'm not sure yet. Undecided on the hat issue too. Thoughts?

Good for Tinitus, perhaps.

On another note, Tech Noir is not back at Kolingsborg for the foreseeable future after all, as we thought. Last Tech Noir at Kolingsborg is on Saturday, with four live bands (Red Cell, Necro Facility, Kopfer Kat and one more as yet unnamed) and lots of guest DJ's. Kopfer Kat sounds promising (powernoise, very atypical of TN), the other two I have seen and don't give a crap about.
Sad to see Tech Noir leave Kolingsborg for good. It will very likely turn out to be a good thing for the local scene in the long run, they have completely dominated everything for ten years and a bit of a hiatus for Tech Noir will hopefully see the start of some new clubs, but Kolingsborg is a classic venue and I really like how the renovation is looking so far.
Now there's Tech Noir on Saturday as well as Hootchy Kootchy Club, and a couple of people I'd like to get to know better will be in Stockholm, with plans to attend From Russia With Love at KGB. The current idea is burlesque first, KGB later, which creates wardrobe complications - Hootchy Kootchy is a great place to dress up, KGB has been fairly casual every time I've been there so far. I rather wanted to wear the Carmen Miranda turban or the corset with the American Red Cross buttons, but both are a bit much for KGB, I think. The corset might work if I dress it down a bit, but there is no way I can dress down the turban, it's just not humanly possible.

So I might fall back on that dress I made around Christmas, with the plastic M/59 buttons, and make a matching cap for it while I'm at it. Crossed brims in front and buttoned in the back would be fun, but the crossed brims model looks best with contrasting piping, and I don't think I have any fabrics that would work. I might look around for some tomorrow, but grey shades are difficult. There is almost always an undertone of some sort, the grey of these buttons pulls towards green, for example, and I think that would be hard to match.

This dress would make a great background for the subdued Soviet buttons, too. Pity I haven't got any of those yet, the olive drab would be much easier to match with a fabric for piping than this odd grey-tinged-with-green in the Swedish M/59 ones.

One more. )
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( Feb. 7th, 2009 07:23 pm)

No depth of field at all, I must play around more with the camera. Anyway, edelweiss buttons; slightly smaller than I expected, don't think the size was specified, which means that I am re-thinking the project again. They are very pretty, though, and I rather wish I had bought more than just sixteen. May order some more and try out the other kind of edelweiss button they had in stock at some later date.

I have been looking around for silver edelweiss earrings for a while too, as I'm painfully stuck in a rut when it comes to that - I have two favourite pairs that I wear all the time, and I should mix things up a little. I have found a fabulous and way too expensive pair online (expensive as in too much money for what it is, the worst kind) and a pair that is not nearly as pretty, but the price is about a tenth of the perfect ones. Frustrating. I think I'll hold out for birthday money, that way I could possibly justify it..

Done with the skirt, waiting for A to decide whether he wants to come along or not. I think I'm going either way.
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( Jan. 30th, 2009 02:44 am)
I have sixteen vintage silvertone edelweiss buttons on their way, probably intended for some sort of dirndl or landhausmode garment, so I've been sketching a little. Not sure I really want to do anything this dirndl-y, though, it might be a little too twee even for me. It's also very me ten years ago, which I'm not quite comfortable with.

Still, I rather like some aspects of this one. I'm thinking pin tucks for the blouse, which would give an effect that is slightly similar to the traditional gathered blouses without creating a lot of extra volume - more volume is not what my bust needs - and a heavier, darker fabric for the jumper dress. Pale grey or taupe blouse, dark grey, taupe or black dress, and a Tyrolean hat, obviously, but I'm sure you all had that figured out already.

I still like the idea of making a modified pair of lederhosen much more in theory, and I still dont think I could pull it off in practice. Perhaps I should just abandon all attempts to channel this idea into something wearable, and just make a 40's style leather dirndl romper? After all, I made a huge, black moiré bicorne for myself once, with ostrich feathers, and wore it. Several times, too, and not as a part of a costume.  I am going to wear the Carmen Miranda turban again, too, so I don't even know what's stopping me - not dignity, that much is certain..

Think I have to go sleep on this.
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( Jan. 28th, 2009 11:54 pm)
The green shirt, so far:

Made pattern, cut out the pieces, zig-zagged edges, sewed the darts and then I decided that I wanted to flat-line it after all, so unpicked darts, cut out cotton twill lining pieces,  zig-zagged them too and re-did the darts. Great planning! Resulted in some stitch marks in the fabric, of course, but I will have to live with them. This is one of the reasons I think I'm a pretty bad seamstress. At least I am pleased with the cuffs and collar, for a change.

This is one of the sleeves, obviously, and one of the shoulder straps. There's another photo showing the rest of it so far after the cut. )

One of the American Red Cross buttons on the left, obviously, and the British Red Cross Society ones. I think I'll use them for a more daytime-friendly version of the panzer dress - not the colour scheme, just the double-breasted cut with very wide lapels and separate collar. That kind of cut really calls for oversized buttons like these, and with that huge collar you can't see the buttons on the shoulder straps properly anyway, so I could use all six of them for the front closure. I'm very happy with that dress (even more so since I added some silver braid to it for the second time I wore it), so I would like to re-use the pattern for something else.

The jury is still out on colour, fabric and so on, but I'm tempted to go for grey cotton twill - I saw this lovely, warm grey one at NK when I bought the fabrics for my New Year's Eve dress. With my luck they're probably sold out of it by now, and it was ludicrously expensive for cotton twill, but on the other hand it's NK, which means that it will add up bonus points in their very generous customer bonus system anyway... I will look around a little, and think some more.

I have another batch of vintage buttons on their way too - faceted chartreuse glass this time, hopefully arriving some time this week. Browsing buttons on Ebay is an expensive pastime, it seems..

...this one does look like a lot of fun.

Excerpt from Rameau's comedy Platée, La Folie brilliantly (and funnily) sung by Mireille Delunsch, conducted by Marc Minkowski, and what a job he's doing - gotta love the interaction between conductor and singers. Lots of clips from this performance available on YouTube!

Oh, and my British Red Cross Society buttons arrived today - that was fast! They seem to be vulcanite, I did some testing. They are also big, every bit of the 3 cm they were described as - a good cm larger than my American Red Buttons, very substantial. There's some lovely, fine striation on the background and on the cross, too. I love buying buttons like these off Ebay and online, they almost always exceed expectations, as there is so much fine detailing on old uniform buttons that doesn't show up in photographs, and they tend to look much more plasticky in photos than they are in person. I am so happy with them!



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