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( Jan. 28th, 2009 11:54 pm)
The green shirt, so far:

Made pattern, cut out the pieces, zig-zagged edges, sewed the darts and then I decided that I wanted to flat-line it after all, so unpicked darts, cut out cotton twill lining pieces,  zig-zagged them too and re-did the darts. Great planning! Resulted in some stitch marks in the fabric, of course, but I will have to live with them. This is one of the reasons I think I'm a pretty bad seamstress. At least I am pleased with the cuffs and collar, for a change.

This is one of the sleeves, obviously, and one of the shoulder straps. There's another photo showing the rest of it so far after the cut. )
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( Jan. 23rd, 2009 11:02 pm)

Black and bright green shot silk taffeta, and the plan is a fitted shirt that is shaped a little like a vest at the bottom, so it can be worn untucked without looking bad. Black buttons, but I'm not sure which ones yet - I happened to buy 15 vintage metal buttons today with chipping black paint, because they're exactly the same as one of my favourite odd buttons but much smaller. The single one is over 3 cm across, these are only 1 - 1,5 cm. I don't think they are right for this project, though, the fabric calls for something slightly fancier, but definitely black buttons of some description. Sew-through ones, attached with a silk thread that picks up the green, probably.

Better photo of the fabric. I really like the depth and luster of the colour in shot fabrics, silk and otherwise, and this one is a nice twist on olive drab. Will probably be predictable and wear it with a black pencil skirt, seamed stockings and a garrison cap, if I have time I might make a new skirt and cap with piping out of this fabric. My old favourite pencil skirt never quite recovered from that incident during the Nitzer Ebb gig the fall before last, so it looks a bit shabby. The luxury of the silk should make it festive enough, and I can skip the cap for the first part of the evening.

My other batch of Ebay buttons arrived today, and I'll be damned if they are not uranium glass - I don't know why I didn't jump to that conclusion in the first place, but it's a very nice surprise. They are clearly the right shade, and the colour is in the glass, not achieved by a coloured metal film under it. I should try to do a blacklight test, somehow.

I'm not one for New Year's resolutions, really, important life decisions rarely line up neatly with New Year's Eve, and making resolutions just for the sake of making resolutions seems pointless to me. I have something in the nature of a resolution for 2009, though, and that is to wear more colour this year. I never thought I would say this, but I am actually a little bored with solid black. I'm not going to throw anything out, and I will certainly wear a lot of solid black anyway, out of sheer laziness if nothing else, but I will try to add more accent colours, building on the ones I already have in my wardrobe, and try out new ones as well.

I definitely need more red and white to go with my fly agaric shoes - they don't look great with an all black outfit, but black with white polkadots is fine. I bought these shoes during the first heatwave of the summer a year and a half ago, mostly because I desperately needed an inexpensive pair of cool summer shoes and couldn't find a decent-looking black pair I could afford, but I really like them and wear them a lot. They get a lot of positive attention, which is fun too.

I'm thinking of getting or making a matching fly agaric purse too, I think it would be too much in a rather good way - I like overmatching my outfits, I'm not interested in looking like I closed my eyes and grabbed five garments at random. A fly agaric bag might help me get away with wearing a somewhat monochrome outfit with the shoes, too.

More hot pink and greens are also on the list, as well as (much) more grey and white. Possibly baby blue and brown, too, but I'm less sure about that.
Of course, in the end I didn't have time to revamp the bodice for the chartreuse and black bustle skirt and didn't really want to wear anything else with the skirt, either; so I ended up wearing the lace appliqué dress instead, but with chartreuse accessories because I really wanted to wear that eyeliner. A little boring, but comfortable and the dress is pretty. Didn't feel like wearing any one of my silly little hats, so I tried to mix things up a bit and do something fun with my hair instead. It didn't turn out as I planned, but it worked well enough for a club night; it's dark and everybody is drunk, after all. Even I was slightly tipsy after being wined and dined by friends before we all went out, and a couple of glasses of champagne. I was consequently horribly hungover all yesterday, think I'll be an old woman and try to stick to my everlasting glasses of sherry or Campari for a while now.

Anyway, the uniform dress turned out very well indeed. She wore it to Hootchy Kootchy and said that she had never received so many compliments in her entire life. No photos as of yet, but I'll get on it.

Another. )
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( Nov. 12th, 2008 11:14 pm)
I wore the wool wiggle dress in the end, after having made a detachable collar for the lace appliqué dress from leftover scraps of the lace, then decided that the plainer wool dress would be better anyway, and we were horribly late. I really need to get a grip on this formal clothes problem, it's stupid, embarrassing and ends up being rude, too. The wool dress was definitely the better choice, too; I think a great part of the problem is that I overestimate the level of formality of pretty much everything. Once there I'm usually one of the most dressed-up people around, sometimes overdressed, and all that anxiety usually seems pretty ridiculous in retrospect.

I really need to touch up my roots, too. )
Wore the dress. Not very happy with it, I ended up ditching the whole contrasting fabric idea and did the lining and bustle in the same pink fabric as the rest of the dress, which was a bore. I didn't have enough time to make a matching hair ornament or find matching earrings, which makes the whole thing feel a bit half-assed, and there are a few fit issues that need fixing - nothing disastrous, but irritating. The fact that there's a size difference between my breasts usually doesn't really affect the way other things than bras fit on me, for instance, but it was quite noticeable in this dress. Only to me, I think, but still irritating and needs to be fixed.

A's sister very kindly lent me a pair of earrings that worked very well with the dress, though, and I found a small, vintage red and pink sequin appliqué at Old Touch that went well with the fabric. I received lots of compliments on the dress, so I seem to have been the only person who didn't like it, and I was complimented on my posture of all things, too, that made me really happy..

The party was great, though, the subject was very pleased, which is the important thing, and we had fun. In a way, I wish I had made a bigger deal of my birthday this year; as it is, I'm still a little disappointed with it and still a little angry with A for being so nonchalant about it.

Oh well.
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( Sep. 19th, 2008 12:47 pm)
I got the main fabrics for the dress yesterday - the pink dupioni, which is eye-wateringly bright in large amounts, and pink cotton to flat line with. There was a dupioni in the same red as the warp in the pink fabric, which I assumed would work as a contrast, until I looked at them next to one another. It doesn't work. At all. The hot pink brings out a strange, rusty tomato shade in even cool, true reds and it looks awful.

So bright red is off the list at the moment and I'm considering burgundy instead, but I am rather stumped at the moment. Will bring a pink sample and hunt for contrasting fabric tomorrow and next week. Bummer.

Also got some silver cord for the Panzer dress - have added some of it to the shoulder straps, and I'm thinking of putting the rest together with a small silver tassel I had lying around to make a sort of... yeah, whatever that cord and tassel thing draping between the collar and/or lapels and the shoulder strap is called on uniforms.*

Finally found a source (in Swedish) that gives clear and reasonably comprehensive information about the various three crown buttons, by the way; as far as I've gathered, the grey metal ones are M/1939, the gold and silver coloured ones are M/1960, a furlough uniform. The gold colour is the standard, with the silver ones used only by a few regiments, which would explain why they are harder to find, of course. I'm guessing that the grey plastic version is from one of the 1950's or 1960's uniforms, too - M/1959 or M/1968. Nice to get that sorted out.

*Aiguillette or possibly lanyard, it turns out; ägiljett in Swedish. The Swedish uniform regulation is very useful for this kind of stuff, apparently. And I did make an aiguillette sort of thing with the rest of the cord.

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( Sep. 11th, 2008 03:51 pm)
Sketch and fabric samples - voilá.

I'm not neat on paper without working hard on it, all my raw sketches look like this. A, who has an exceptionally neat and meticulous style of drawing with plenty of small, clear details, always mocks me for it, saying that my drawing look hairy. I say screw him and refer to my favourite comics artist Ulf Lundkvist, but I feel inferior too, just like when he pointed out that my singing voice is awful - not like I didn't already know that, but still. Well, well.

Anyway. The fabric samples are as close to how they actually look as I could get them, at least on my monitor; you know the drill. I will say that the satin is definitely a lighter pink than the dupioni in reality, a clear, bright hot pink with more of a faint yellow undertone than the red undertone this photo shows, but the colour of the dupioni is pretty close to how it actually looks.

I had another idea, by the way, but I'm pretty sure it's not a good one; beige dress, close to my skin tone, with hot pink lining in the bustle. I can't quite picture it, and I honestly have no idea how I would look in a beige dress, while I do know that hot pink works on me.

Am also considering lining the bustle with bright red if I make the dress out of the hot pink dupioni - that would be a great colour clash, and it's the kind of garish, awkward colour combination that appeals to me.

A friend of ours is celebrating her birthday with a theme party in less than a month. The theme - and the dress code - is her, which is a brilliant idea, I think. It's just causing me a bit of trouble, for although I love her style and we have things in common style-wise, I really want to do it properly, while still making a dress I can wear for other occasions, too - I could really use a good party dress, as opposed to all the too-campy and too-provocative club outfits I already have.

So what I'm thinking is... )
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( Jul. 16th, 2008 10:25 pm)
I really wasn't planning on abandoning this thing, but a lot of rather stressful real life got in the way of this and most other internet activities. Shit happens, as the platitude goes.

The corset dress hasn't happened yet. I did make a tentative pattern for it, but not much more. I've finished another outfit that's been brewing for a good while, though. It all came about because I love the subtle irony of the fact that the uniforms of the Waffen-SS Panzer divisions were black with pink piping and silver details - and it's a bright pink, too. That's the kind of colour scheme that, in this context, just begs for being parodied, tarted up and made thoroughly camp, I thought; so I did.

Not in the best taste, perhaps, but this is pastiche and parody, not an homage, just to clarify. Think of it as being in the same vein as Herr Flick and Helga of 'Allo 'Allo!

The cut of the Panzer wraps is gorgeous - here the collar and lapels are inexpertly ripped off and transformed into a tight, knee-length wiggle dress, based on the pattern I made for that Rachel-inspired dress about a year and a half ago - the dress in this post is also after the same pattern. I made the pink even pinker, and added a lot of extra piping everywhere. The cap is roughly the same shape as (one of) the originals, but the similarities pretty much end there. It would have been fun to have some bastardized version of the totenkopf and eagle on it, but I had neither the time nor the means for that when I was making it, and I'm not at all sure how I would go about that anyway, so it's not happening at the moment. I did make a failed attempt at embroidered collar insignia - maybe I'll do it later, if I can work it out.

Besides, I'm pretty happy with the badges I ended up wearing with it, which brings me to item number two for this post. That pin in my cap is often, in my scene, mistaken for an elaborate Laibach pin. It's actually a vintage silver nurse badge, but it is very true to the spirit of Laibach and NSK in the sense that it looks even more the part than the real thing does - just compare it to the actual Laibach pin on my collar. I'm always on the lookout for more accessories like that, and I got lucky browsing bakelite for a friend's birthday...

Cut for more pictures. )


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