From Saturday's gig, with good sound quality.

Also, photos are beginning to show up - here's a peek at that Red Army-inspired dress + cap I made for an acquaintance last fall, at long last:

We couldn't resist grabbing the guy in the middle for a couple of photos when he happened to be passing, some British guy who shows up at big events sometimes. I loved both his outfits for the festival. Great attention to detail, what with the make-up and everything.
Fredrik (that's a band plug and they are good, you should have a listen!) and I just asked Dirk Ivens to marry us both. Feels great to make a complete fool out of yourself in front of one of your heroes! I just hope he didn't think we were too much of a pain in the ass.

I am still high on endorphins after the Klinik gig. I'm not going to say that it was one of the best live shows I have ever seen, I'm going out on a limb and saying that it was the best live show I have ever seen. I think I will agree after some sleep, too.
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( Apr. 11th, 2009 11:13 am)
Last night exceeded expectations - I met a friend from Malmö in the line outside (wish they would come up with a door solution that doesn't create one hour of queueing outside), which enabled me to skip most of it, and we teamed up for the rest of the evening, more or less - we have a lot in common, much to talk about, we matched pretty well visually, which is always fun (he wore jodhpurs and riding boots, hee), and each scared off pick-up attempts for the other. We also discovered that we were both big And One fans in our teens, and the And One gig was actually great, to my surprise - the best live act by far yesterday, although Combichrist were better than I expected. Steve Naghavi seemed more or less sober, for once, and almost the entire set consisted of very old material - I.S.T. and earlier, with perhaps two exceptions, and several from Flop! and Anguish. Not much from Spot, which remains my favourite And One record, but it was lots of fun anyway.

The Klinik will be playing an extended set tonight, I hear, to fill out for Die Form. Not bad.
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( Apr. 10th, 2009 10:56 am)
First Tinitus night tonight, the lesser one - Noisuf-X, at some ungodly hour like half past eight, which is the only band I rather want to see tonight, and then local talents Trakktor, Combichrist, Suicide Commando and And One. It will be fun regardless, of course, but tomorrow is the important day.

Die Form cancelled sometime yesterday evening, due to illness. Bah. Still, The Klinik, Portion Control, a side project of Kirlian Camera (Spectra Paris) and whatever else there is, can't remember at the moment, is still a pretty great festival night.

Had a lovely time yesterday evening, and I really think the fact that I am not in the slightest bit hungover is a testament to P's cocktail mixing skills - he's another one of those domestic men who cook delicious food and mix fantastic drinks while walking around being outrageously handsome and incredibly well dressed, apparently, just like C's man, S. Lucky women, C and P's girlfriend E. I see all the bad sides of A up close as well as the good ones, so I can't romanticise him the way I can and do romanticise P and S. Ha.

We attended the annual meeting of the Swedish Wagner Society the day before yesterday, speaking of Wagner. It was interesting, both the meeting itself, the subsequent lecture on Birgit Nilsson, and from a more anthropological perspective. I was one of perhaps five people under fifty, no surprises there either. I'm looking forward to coming activities.

My old friend M is also trying to polish up his German and had been given Die Verwandlung by a German acquaintance as a good place to start - not a bad idea, really. I hadn't even thought of Kafka as a German writer. Even if it's probably not strictly true that the language is easy, you're already familiar with the story and can concentrate more on the language, and it's short, which helps too.

I think I'll try to persuade M to watch more German film with me, as well.

Kropp were far better than I expected, actually - the singer's voice held and carried, he sounded better live than he does in the recordings, which was a nice surprise. Hatam was packed with people and there was a lot of enthusiastic pushing and shoving in front of the stage, even more than usual. I had a lot of fun, and experienced another one of those moments when I realize how much I love this scene and these people - long story short, Kropp's big hit is the song there's a live clip from below, Vad Ska Du Ha På Dig Ikväll? which has lyrics that are practically viral, they stick to your brain like glue. For the last couple of weeks we have been continuously working little bits of the refrain into our everyday conversations. It is complete nonsense - literally, what are you going to wear tonight? Knife, or wine? Red lips, or knife? - and that's pretty much it. It just rolls off the tongue so well, somehow.

So the place was full of sweet little boys with undercuts and neat side parts wearing their usual shirts, braces, army pants and uniform tunics plus bright red lipstick yesterday. An acquaintance told me that one or two of them were wearing fake knives on them as well - not real knives, of course, someone might get hurt! - and I don't know about the wine, but I wouldn't be surprised. See why I love this scene so much? There will be no bitching about scene politics and better-than-though attitudes from me, I'm looking firmly on the bright sides.

Kropp live at Bodytåget tomorrow, should be fun. Sugar Bar has a 3 am license now, too, and one of the guys from Sturm Café / Kommando XY is DJing.

Short clip from a gig in Växjö. Cute lyrics, not entirely sure how I feel about the singer's voice and technique. Still liking this trend of classic EBM with lyrics in Swedish, although Spark! remains my favourite band in that genre.
This version will work better with the size of the buttons, and gives me the chance of using some grey leather I have been wanting to use for a while. Separates are so much more versatile than a dress, too.

Very similar to the corset with the American Red Cross buttons, yes. This one will have a high, princess-seamed back, though, and obviously shoulder straps. I'm thinking of doing something along these lines with the back of the skirt, but I'm not sure yet. Undecided on the hat issue too. Thoughts?

Good for Tinitus, perhaps.

On another note, Tech Noir is not back at Kolingsborg for the foreseeable future after all, as we thought. Last Tech Noir at Kolingsborg is on Saturday, with four live bands (Red Cell, Necro Facility, Kopfer Kat and one more as yet unnamed) and lots of guest DJ's. Kopfer Kat sounds promising (powernoise, very atypical of TN), the other two I have seen and don't give a crap about.
Sad to see Tech Noir leave Kolingsborg for good. It will very likely turn out to be a good thing for the local scene in the long run, they have completely dominated everything for ten years and a bit of a hiatus for Tech Noir will hopefully see the start of some new clubs, but Kolingsborg is a classic venue and I really like how the renovation is looking so far.
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( Feb. 21st, 2009 09:31 pm)
Alexander Bard (of Army of Lovers, Vacuum and Bodies Without Organs fame) can always be counted on to deliver the entertainment - spacey silver satin overalls with outlandish shoulder pads, accessorized with riding boots, helmet and crop in this year's outtakes. And a big, red beard.
The chances of him, Marina Schiptjenko and the blond Adonis who sings in BWO being allowed to represent Sweden in Moscow are slim to none, though, we will end up sending someone safe and boring as usual. Who won't win, of course, because safe and boring doesn't cut it anymore - you need a performance that people still remember after having watched 30 songs in a row, like a former Kiss cover band with monster masks, or a matronly Ukrainian tranny with half a Christmas tree on her head, plus one hell of a hook. I know Verka Serduchka didn't win, but I rather think she should have - if anyone but a Serbian lesbian in a suit had beat Serduchka, I would have been bitter.

Yup, Telex represented Belgium with this ditty in 1980. I love Telex and it's supremely funny, but the song is not one of their best. Moscow Disco (just the song this time, the extended 12" version) remains one of the best songs of the 20th century, though, as influential as Blue Monday and Los Niños del Parque. Plus, there are trains in it! I never get tired of it.


Something in the Slovenian tap water, maybe? Brilliant.