Tinitus Festival 2009, ten year anniversary, April 10 + 11 at the München Brewery, Stockholm. The Klinik, And One, Die Form, Suicide Commando, Combichrist, Portion Control, Noisuf-X, Spectra Paris and Northborne.

I am a tiny bit sad that DAF are not booked, I still have yet to see both Gabi Delgado and Robert Görl live and it's been ages since the last time I saw DAF.DOS, but complaining of a line-up like this is just ungrateful - that's two of my all-time favourite bands right there, neither of which I've seen live, technically. I have seen Dive a couple of times, and Absolute Body Control, but not the Klinik, never Marc Verhaegen, and never Die Form in any form or shape. Portion Control, Noisuf-X, Suicide Commando and And One will be fun, too. Looking forward to this so much!

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( Jan. 27th, 2009 11:39 pm)
Sorry, will probably keep pestering you with these for a while - you see, I did retrieve some folders from an old hard drive. Not my oldest one, but there were still a lot of very old photographs on it that I haven't seen in years, hence the nostalgia.

This is me and my brother B in a park in Helsingborg. I have been puzzling over the date - B is two and a half years younger than me, and he wouldn't have come all the way to Skåne for a festival he wasn't sure of being allowed into, so either this festival had no age limit at the door (I remember that Virtual Christmas at Mejeriet in Lund often didn't, not so sure about this place in Helsingborg), or this is as late as the summer of 1999. Sweet enough to make my teeth ache a little, either way.

The goggles are the snow blindness ones, straight from a drawer in Kesudalen, and the thing in my hand is an old electric lantern that I used as a purse - it has a huge battery compartment that I stuffed with ID, cash and powder compact instead. I remember that it worked very well as an ice breaker when flirting, too.

I must see if I can find this photo and get a better scan of it...



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