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( Jan. 30th, 2009 02:44 am)
I have sixteen vintage silvertone edelweiss buttons on their way, probably intended for some sort of dirndl or landhausmode garment, so I've been sketching a little. Not sure I really want to do anything this dirndl-y, though, it might be a little too twee even for me. It's also very me ten years ago, which I'm not quite comfortable with.

Still, I rather like some aspects of this one. I'm thinking pin tucks for the blouse, which would give an effect that is slightly similar to the traditional gathered blouses without creating a lot of extra volume - more volume is not what my bust needs - and a heavier, darker fabric for the jumper dress. Pale grey or taupe blouse, dark grey, taupe or black dress, and a Tyrolean hat, obviously, but I'm sure you all had that figured out already.

I still like the idea of making a modified pair of lederhosen much more in theory, and I still dont think I could pull it off in practice. Perhaps I should just abandon all attempts to channel this idea into something wearable, and just make a 40's style leather dirndl romper? After all, I made a huge, black moiré bicorne for myself once, with ostrich feathers, and wore it. Several times, too, and not as a part of a costume.  I am going to wear the Carmen Miranda turban again, too, so I don't even know what's stopping me - not dignity, that much is certain..

Think I have to go sleep on this.


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