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( Feb. 7th, 2009 03:26 am)
...I haven't really got anything worthwhile to post about, I'm just up way too late sewing (shit, look at the time!) and can't settle down from the flow enough to go to sleep yet. I am about three quarters done with a pencil skirt to match that jacket, finishing the rest tomorrow and then maybe I'll try to have some photos taken of my ass wearing it.

Debating whether to go to Bodytåget tomorrow. On one hand the band playing tomorrow doesn't sound like my cup of tea, on the other hand I really want to support the club, no matter what I happen to think of the live act - it is outrageously, passionately geeky, I love that. They have managed to keep a club focusing almost exclusively on Altmark and similar genres-within-the-EBM-genre alive for two or three years now, which is extremely impressive in a place like Stockholm, and there is no other club in town that regularly arranges gigs with small EBM bands. They deserve much more love than they get.
Actually, putting it like that, it's practically my duty to go. Yes.

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( Feb. 7th, 2009 07:23 pm)

No depth of field at all, I must play around more with the camera. Anyway, edelweiss buttons; slightly smaller than I expected, don't think the size was specified, which means that I am re-thinking the project again. They are very pretty, though, and I rather wish I had bought more than just sixteen. May order some more and try out the other kind of edelweiss button they had in stock at some later date.

I have been looking around for silver edelweiss earrings for a while too, as I'm painfully stuck in a rut when it comes to that - I have two favourite pairs that I wear all the time, and I should mix things up a little. I have found a fabulous and way too expensive pair online (expensive as in too much money for what it is, the worst kind) and a pair that is not nearly as pretty, but the price is about a tenth of the perfect ones. Frustrating. I think I'll hold out for birthday money, that way I could possibly justify it..

Done with the skirt, waiting for A to decide whether he wants to come along or not. I think I'm going either way.


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