Someone dropped a few tons of snow, would that person please come pick it up? Your mother doesn't work here. Thank you.

Birds are still chirping away as if nothing happened, though, I suppose they're gearing up for the annual meat market. When do birds in general mate and lay eggs? I know that their offspring is learning to fly in July or thereabouts, because that's when they begin to fly in through our windows. Last summer I was woken up almost every other day in the small hours just after sunrise by panic-stricken birds throwing themselves against the closed windows. Must look this up - there's Grandpa's old bird book, which has some wonderful, acid commentary on the quality of the illustrations scrawled in the margins as an added bonus. It probably is "a remarkably bad book", as Grandpa wrote, but we keep it for the comments.

Bah. Anyone could figure out that there would be more snow, but that doesn't make it less tiresome. If February is the most depressing month of the year, March is the most manic-depressive one by far.



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