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( Mar. 20th, 2009 12:42 am)
I made a pattern for the dirndl bodice, at long last, but I can't decide how to solve the front closure issue - buy one of those regular, wimpy busks to put in it, since the heavy-duty ones I generally use for corsets are definitely overkill for this project, or hook-and-eye tape, rely on an actual, functioning button closure, or simply skip the front closure altogether? Having to pull anything corset-like over your head is a pain in the ass, for several reasons, but what with the low-cut front and buttoned shoulder straps on this one it would work, if not as well as a front busk. It feels like a very lazy solution, but I decided that I'm going to have the side panels overlapping the center front panel instead of the other way around, like I first planned, and that complicates things a little. A couple of extra layers of fabric will be needed if I'm putting in a busk, and a lot of extra work.

I'm not sure I have enough of the grey leather for the entire thing, but I was lucky enough to find a matching fabric that I can use for the underarm panels if necessary. I had a look at the local leather shop a few weeks ago, and they had nothing that was even close to the right shade of grey, so it was a relief to find a nice fabric - it's a stiff cotton with a woven stripe, quite similar to that black cotton I used for the Red Cross button corset. One side is a silvery medium grey, the other side is more of a dark taupe, slightly darker than the leather but otherwise quite close in colour, with the same brown undertones. I have enough of it for a skirt, too.

The hat issue is still bothering me as well. I have looked at hundreds of dirndl, tracht and landhausmode pictures without coming up with anything good, and just hair is boring. Any input is appreciated.


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