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( Apr. 4th, 2009 10:00 am)
I have been in Lisbon with my mother for a few days. I suppose I should call it a vacation, but these trips are not exactly restful, so I'm a lot more worn now than I was when we left. Had a nice week, anyway, and I liked Lisbon - no hassling, people leave you alone, just a simple thing like that! Unless you look like you might be lost, then they offer to help you out, very politely. Good food, too.

Portuguese is on the same level of incomprehensibility as Dutch to me, though; I can get some very rudimentary sense out of simple, warning sign level written Portuguese, but spoken Portuguese is a different story. I haven't even grasped the basic pronunciation rules. I did pretend to speak French on the plane, though, in spite of not actually speaking French - never taken a French class in my entire life, but the fact that my dad was married to a Frenchwoman for 15 years or so helps, of course. I understand much more than I should, but my active vocabulary is more or less limited to oui, non and merci. That gets you surprisingly far, though, as long as you have some clue of what people are talking about..

Going out tonight, two live bands (8kHz mono and Guilt Trip) at Bodytåget, and next weekend it's time for Tinitus.

Also, I hear that the Christian Democrats finally caved to the rest of the government this week on the same-sex marriage issue, so it's happening at last. About time, too.


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