This version will work better with the size of the buttons, and gives me the chance of using some grey leather I have been wanting to use for a while. Separates are so much more versatile than a dress, too.

Very similar to the corset with the American Red Cross buttons, yes. This one will have a high, princess-seamed back, though, and obviously shoulder straps. I'm thinking of doing something along these lines with the back of the skirt, but I'm not sure yet. Undecided on the hat issue too. Thoughts?

Good for Tinitus, perhaps.

On another note, Tech Noir is not back at Kolingsborg for the foreseeable future after all, as we thought. Last Tech Noir at Kolingsborg is on Saturday, with four live bands (Red Cell, Necro Facility, Kopfer Kat and one more as yet unnamed) and lots of guest DJ's. Kopfer Kat sounds promising (powernoise, very atypical of TN), the other two I have seen and don't give a crap about.
Sad to see Tech Noir leave Kolingsborg for good. It will very likely turn out to be a good thing for the local scene in the long run, they have completely dominated everything for ten years and a bit of a hiatus for Tech Noir will hopefully see the start of some new clubs, but Kolingsborg is a classic venue and I really like how the renovation is looking so far.


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